The Siege of Yvanwood

The party has been split: Rerith and Adri head for the Circle Tower, while Anton and Micah head for the coronation chambers, in an attempt to sabotage the crowning of the King.

Rerith and Adri manage to convince the Circle of Elven Magi to stop the coronation of Prince Yvanwood the 42nd and head back toward Castle Yvanwood.

As Prince Yvanwood stood out on his grand balcony in front of thousands of onlookers, he was interrupted. The Council of Magi and the adventurers spoke of his crimes.

“You fools, you would think my own people would believe the words of insane strangers over their own king? Let this coronation be COMPLETE!”

Prince Yvanwood threw his torch at the King’s Brazier, only to be intercepted by a single arrow.

“You will not be crowned king today, impostor.” shouted Adri.

Adri jumped down onto the grand balcony: “The true royalty will be granted her rightful place. Guards, take him away.”

“All hail, Queen Adri!” chanted the crowd.

The adventurers now stood before Queen Adri.

“Thank you for everything, my queen.” said Micah.

Adri’s eyes were distant, the crowd grew silent as the single clear call of a warhorn cut the air. The adventurers turned around. Before them stood a seemingly endless sea of white figures marching up the road to the gates of the city: Soldiers of the Order of the Dove.

“To arms, soldiers of Yvanwood! You have in your minds concepts of mercy, of honor… But on this day, throw those thoughts to the wind! These cowards will grant none of these virtues, and neither shall you! Aim for the neck!” shouted Adri to her troops below.

“My friends, General Lash’tal and I must tend to the battle, but I’m afraid if the Doves are here, so are their elite assassins, the Shadow of the Empire. I am all but certain they will be heading to this room to attempt to assassinate me. Please, guard this room, if I fall, so does the city.”

Sure enough, the Shadow showed themselves in the room, along with their leader: Faruk.

The adventurers were steadily holding off the assassins until a large beast could be heard in the distance. An armored bear burst through the door and charged Rerith and Anton against the balcony, almost knocking them both over the edge. Anton knocked the target prone, and Rerith paralyzed it with dark energy. Micah sprinted up to it and impaled it in the throat with its sword, killing it instantly.

The skirmish in the throneroom was over, but the collosssal battle below still raged on.

The adventurers interrogated Faruk and gained a valuable piece of information: The leader of the army is Stellarus, the traitor daughter of the Witch Queen. Now, the adventurers must find Stellarus, and kill her, hopefully ending the assault on Yvanwood.



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