Keystone Artifacts


In a final effort to save the world from the grand warlock Scythe, the Council of the Four enchanted a multitude of mundane objects and erected a prison around the Leviathan. The items affected by the spell were made to keep the Leviathan imprisoned. These keystones are the only thing that stop Scythe from opening the cage and loosing the creature within upon the world.

Sigils of Light and Dark

Each sigil was broken into four pieces, each with a single symbol. The Sigil of Light, when brought together, creates a powerful ward against black magic and the undead. The Sigil of Dark, however, creates a veil of shadow that can hide entire armies. The last time the Sigil of Dark was used, it led to the downfall of the peaceful Kingdom of Dethyris. The pieces of the Sigil of Light were given to the elders of the Order of the Standing Vine, and are still handed along today. The pieces of the Sigil of Dark were thrown from the Violet Peaks and never seen again.

Mask of Braavos


Dar’Sein is the ceremonial blade of Palomede the Tillerman, the founder of the Order of the Standing Vine. Palomede is said to have offered Dar’Sein as a vessel for the Council’s imprisonment spell. As he lay dying during the purges of Phaetro, Palomedes entrusted his blade to the Order, and Dar’Sein became the symbol of the Order’s Winnower, the paladin who administered the tests of virtue and strength to the novitiates. Dar’Sein passed through many generations of the Order,and was wet with tyrants’ blood time and again, until the blade’s testing steel shone whiter than the purest snows of Pai’Cillion. Tobias the Ready, Micah’s own Winnower and one of the few surviving members of the Order bore Dar’Sein for over thirty years, using it one final time to scatter Jerif Windwalker’s essence before entrustingthe blade and its imbued power to Micah and company. Beyond its cutting edge, the blade’s properties include a capacity to render filthy water pure and to ward against icy winds.

Keystone Artifacts

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