Kingdom of Dethyris

From a scribe’s notes

The Kingdom of Dethyris was once a peaceful plot of land nestled in the middle of a lush forest. the druids of Dethyris worked sybmbiotically with the animals of the Dethrian forest and their Dryad Queen Falanarius. The Alanzan military often tried to force an alliance with Falanarius, but his messengers always returned empty handed. King Rufus Solarund was infuriated with the unwillingness to cooperate with his troops and send his most deadly assassins; The Shadow of the Empire, to wipe out all of the druids and their queen.

In a strange turn of events, the Bandit King Karl Mukland had planned an attack the very same night. the Shadow took no prisoners every last druid was slaughtered where they stood. As the Shadow approached the throne room. Mukland’s band of thieves, under the veil of the Sigil of Dark, ambushed them, slaughtering many of them. Queen Falanarius managed to escape with her handmaidens and fled Dethyris. Her whereabouts are unknown.

With the queen of the forest gone, the trees wilted, weeds grew rampant, and lakes flooded. Dethyris was transformed into the fog-filled swamp it is today. Karl Mukland seized control of the palace and surrounding villages, establishing a center for all crime in Empire. The palace has gone to ruin without the upkeep it deserved, but minor repairs and fittings were applied by a few of Mukland’s footsoldiers. Dethyris under Mukland’s rule is now one of the three major powers residing in Empire, wreaking havoc upon anyone foolish enough to get in their way, and undermining other kingdoms through smugglers and drug trafficking. The bog itself is now nicknamed The Bloodbath because of the ruthless psychopaths and highwaymen that roam its foggy extents.

Kingdom of Dethyris

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