The Sands of Eternal Abandon

From the writings of Hazim al-Ara

I had once fared the endless desert in my youth, and it was only with great trepidation that I again set out South from the Willowbranch Forest. Those who have set foot upon the Abandon’s burning yellow landscape and looked out upon its miles of barren sand roiling with terrible wildlife would surely agree with this sentiment.

Any toothless villager or hedge alchemist will tell you that the land was not always this way. They claim that bountiful oases once dotted the landscape, criss-crossed by streams and fair garden cities. All this, they say, was turned to ash by a fel and traitorous sorcerer who blasted the land with his dying curse. I’ve never seen any remotely conclusive evidence, and if you believe any of it, I have an elixir of eternal life to sell you. Its all sand and sand-blasted ruins, also flesh eating insects and giant lizards that impale men from beneath the ground.

I was traveling to meet an old friend who’d agreed to help me with my account. He lived in a small mudbaked town as guard captain, past the ruins of Lut Boran and far into the wastes. Little did I know what horrors would await me there. And sand, but I had already guessed that part.

Things That Have Tried to Kill Me:


Scarabs that Shoot Lightening

Burrower Spiders

Sand Stf54 sea of sand

The Sands of Eternal Abandon

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