Braavos is the greatest of the Free Cities. It thrives in a bay off the coast of a great ocean. It is a city of a hundred small islands, some covered in temples, some in palaces, inns, slums, and all other traces of a vibrant city at a crossroads of trade. The canals are spider-webbed by innumerable bridges and walkways that connect the islands like veins. The Sealord of Braavos rules the city and is served by a champion known as the First Sword.

For centuries after its founding, Braavos was known as the Secret City and remained hidden from the rest of the world. It was formed by refugees fleeing the expansion of the Empire. Braavos revealed itself when the power of the Empire began to wane, some four hundred years after the Wavesingers led the first refugees to the islands.

The city is guarded by a massive stone statue called the Titan of Braavos. It serves as a lighted beacon, watchtower, and fortress. All ships that would enter Braavos must first pass beneath the Titan’s legs, and under the many murder holes and arrow slits covering the greened bronze. The Titan and a massive fleet defend the city in place of traditional city walls.

Braavos is filled with temples to all religions. The red priests of Rh’llor light their nightfires every evening while the septons of the Seven ring bells to herald the dawn. Even dead gods who have no followers are honored in a temple called the Warrens. The Wavesingers, who led the original Braavosi refugees to the islands, have the largest and most popular temple. Another temple of note is the House of Black and White, the headquarters of the Faceless Men.

Braavos thrives on seafaring trade. Its merchant ships sail to many distant lands. The great Iron Bank lends to nations and merchants alike, but not without a price: as it is said, “The Iron Bank always gets its due”. Braavos has three ports: two for foreign vessels and one for Braavosi merchants. The vast Armada moors beneath the Titan or Storm’s End, the island fortress that broods between the colossus and the city.

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